Ballet & Pointe


We recommend the ballet technique for its extreme discipline on the body and the mastery of balance, poise and coordination. A ballet class consists of two parts: the ‘barre’, and the ‘centre’.

During a ballet barre, each part of the body is worked individually from the fingertips to the toes, to strengthen every muscle while concentrating on the centre within the body for ultimate alignment and balance. Flexibility, turn out, and poise also are goals for the dancer at the barre. A barre can vary from a half hour to an hour depending on the level and stamina of the student.

The centre exercises consist of foot work, small jumps, turns, port de bras adagios, big jumps and combinations of all. It teaches how to move through the floor with ease and use space as a canvas.

Ballet technique is recognised by most sports athletes, from basketball players, skaters, actors and most of all dancers of other styles as a real boost to attain to physical excellence. It provides good posture and self-confidence and gives young boys and girls a good start. It is hard work but for those who love dance, it is mostly a lot of fun.


Pointe work is half an hour class added to an advanced or intermediate ballet class. It is for the serious dancer.


  • Posted on 23. October 2012
  • Written by V. Bergmann
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